The best collaborations create something bigger than the sum of what each person can achieve individually.

At JANUS, we are all about building lasting relationships with our Stakeholders. This aspect is visible in each and every initiative we work on. We believe that through such meaningful relationships, boundaries can be broken, new ideas incubate and we’re able to reach new horizons together.

We believe that a lot can be achieved when two sides come together to consciously create something distinctive, quirky and novel. That is exactly what our logo signifies. It denotes two very passionate and unique individuals interacting, to create something out of the ordinary.

Our Solutions
At the core of our existence, lies PASSION.
We are an organization driven by passion to create & improve.

Proactively identifying areas for improvement and providing solutions that leave a lasting impact 


We offer an experience to our stakeholders, that is customised to their needs, which could be explicit, implied & unrealised. The objective being to exceed expectations.

Solutions Driven

Our extensive knowledge in various industries enables us to come up with solutions that are essential, relevant and feasible for the product.


Every entrepreneur and product are unique in their own way. We believe in adding this essence to the packaging, while creating a solution.

Proactive Service

Our proactive thinking helps us anticipate problems that may arise throughout the product lifecycle. This approach lets us avoid costly errors; be it in design, production, transporation, on the shelf, or when trying to recycle the product.

"Our Bond with all stakeholders will always remain our most important investment."
Joe Annunciation
Founder & Chairman
"We are committed to our customers success. We share their passion for their brand."
Janus Annunciation
Director Growth & Business Operations
"We play a key role in enabling the SME sector develop world class packaging for their products."
Denver Annunciation
Director - Strategic Initiatives