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Packaging is a complicated subject. It requires knowledge of the product that will go into the packaging material, the packaging material itself, the external environment in which the package must maintain its integrity and properties, and the time (life) it must last in this environment. Not only must a Packaging service provider consider the above they also need to consider that process used to pack the product, if automatic or manual, is compatible with the material supplied. When one considers all the above complexities, an expert will help navigate the intricacies, avoiding costly mistakes and ensuring a quick economical path to market.

The first time a consumer engages with a product, it must be an experience. The way the package attracts their attention, the way it feels in their hand, the different touch points, textures, colour all must attract eyeballs. There must be a play with their senses. This leads to brand recall and brand loyalty.
There are many options to enhance packaging, correct material selection, different types of varnish finishes, gloss, spot, drip, velvet. foil stamping, embossing, raised UV finishes, different types of inks etc... The combination of all this together creates a visual and tactile effect that enhances a customer’s experience and ensures product recall.
Eco friendly packaging is often a misunderstood concept. In a circular economy there are 3 concepts.

1. Biodegradable

2. Recyclable

3. Reusable.

1. Biodegradable means that if anything is thrown away it is able to break down and return to basic compounds and elements of nature. Paper is a classic biodegradable item. When thrown it becomes carbon and completes the carbon cycle. Time is a major factor in degradation. The longer it takes the product becomes eco unfriendly. Plastics take 100s of years to degrade completely.

2. Recyclable means a product needs to reach a Recycler for it to be processed so that it can be reused. Typically, plastics, metals, and glass are Recycled. This involves breaking them down to their basic form and then reforming, remolding them into new products. Energy used to do this needs to be considered while evaluating the eco friendliness. Also, the existence of a well-established chain to ensure that the products get Recycled and not dumped into a landfill is also important.

3. Reusable is easy to understand. From a packaging standpoint any item that has a long life and can be reused or repurposed without any change in its original form is a Reusable product, Glass jars, Tins, wooden boxes, Plastic made products that have a long life like drums, containers etc. These items do not go into a landfill or are used for several years before being Recycled. What is important to consider here is the energy that is saved when reused without recycling.
We currently have the capability to manufacture Labels, Mono Cartons, Laminates, shrink sleeves, in-mold applications like sippers, ice-buckets, ice cream containers, stand up Pouches, Pillow packs, Point of sale items The list keeps growing so if you are not sure please do get in touch.
Yes. We have several print technologies inhouse, ranging from Conventional, Digital to Hybrid. No order is too small for us. As a customer all you need to do is tell us what your requirements are, it is our responsibility to ensure that the most cost-effective method is selected to give our customers the benefit. Our team will engage with you and recommend the best size and quantity to get the maximum benefit.
We have access to a vast library of materials ranging from Paper to Board and Plastic. We can even print on Glass, Aluminum and Wood, based on the application. There will be some limitations when working with these substrates but once we understand your requirement, we can give you an apt solution. Do get in touch with our team to understand more on this.
Choosing the right adhesive for your packaging is very important. The Packaging needs to maintain its integrity in various external environments. Therefore selecting the right adhesive is important. Our knowledge on various applications and adhesives is quite versatile. We have access to adhesives that can adhere to different surfaces like, Glass, Plastic, Kraft paper, Wood, Rubber, Metal...etc. Besides surface adhesion some of the adhesives need to perform in wet/moist and extreme temperature conditions (Cold/Hot temperatures). Let us know your requirements and our team will find a solution.
By way of packaging mock-ups our studio division enables brands to get their final packaging concepts exactly right, before they hit the shelves, saving them time and money. Incase you are not sure if a matt or a gloss option would look good. Or, a metallic substrate is a better option as compared to foiling. Our studio team will create such mock ups to help you make this decision without you having to invest in a commercial run.

- Our varied experience with different types of packaging and different industries.

- The process we use where we think of issues that can arise during production, in the market, during reuse and recycling.

- The print technology / Process used.

Are all designed to preempt very expensive mistakes and unnecessary stocks. This consultative approach ensures " first time right " or incase of some modification / correction just the bare minimum amount material needs to be replaced. All this is done in record time. Sometimes several iterations happen within days saving a lot of time.  

Digital has low, initial, set up cost vs conventional. For smaller runs, digital will give a lot of savings, thereafter conventional would be more economical.

There are a lot more options available with digital printing that conventional printing cannot achieve like:
  • Short lead times. 
  • Consistent Quality.
  • Lower order Quantities.
  • Versioning. 
  • Lower Inventory Costs.
  • Variable Content.
  • Press Quality level Proofs.
  • Prototyping.
Do get in touch with our Team to understand more.

Do remember we have Digital as well as Conventional, so you are always assured of the best price.